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Our story

Our story

Our journey started with a simple idea - the concept of cyber hygiene. It all unfolded in one of my earliest media articles, a piece that resonated so deeply that it was picked up by the Associated Press and spread like wildfire across media outlets worldwide.

Since then, I've authored dozens of research articles, delivered hundreds of compelling presentations, and even secured a patent. I've developed proprietary methodologies to assess human cyber risk and partnered with organizations to fortify their defenses and enhance their cyber posture. Professionally, I've achieved milestones that are nothing short of remarkable.

Yet, amidst all these accomplishments, there was a realization that I couldn't ignore. While I had worked hard to safeguard organizations and adults from cyber threats, our children–yours and mine–were still vulnerable. It was a nagging concern that couldn't be brushed aside.


My earliest articles had advocated for the integration of cyber hygiene education into K-12 curricula. Although some progress had been made, it remained insufficient. The education system faced its own challenges–a shortage of teachers, cumbersome curriculum development, and political hurdles. Demanding more from an already overburdened system wasn't the solution; it merely led to subpar instruction or a mere checkbox approach to cyber safety education.

But let's not point fingers at the system. The security industry was equally culpable. Everyone was fixated on organizations and adult training, where the money flowed. Meanwhile, our children were left unprepared, unaware, and exposed to digital threats.

Enough was enough. Rather than merely talking and criticizing like so many others, I chose to take action. I chose to disrupt the status quo.

Our values
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The Vision

Introducing the Cyber Hygiene Academy–the beacon of hope for a brighter digital future for all children. My vision is clear: to bridge the gap in cyber safety and hygiene education for K-12 students. I'm on a mission to provide comprehensive, hands-on, and immersive cyber safety education that is not only accessible but also entertaining and educational.

My approach is grounded in cutting-edge advancements in education and cyber science. Using a scientific framework, we identify what students lack, measure their cyber hygiene gaps, offer remedial education, and track their progress over time. It's a holistic solution tailored to prepare them for a cyber-safe future and careers in the thriving field of cybersecurity.

But the Cyber Hygiene Academy isn't just about fulfilling a gap; it's about fulfilling a promise. It's my pledge to my own children and to yours. Join me in this transformative journey and be a part of shaping a generation that is cyber-savvy, resilient, and ready to conquer the digital frontier.

If you’d like to help and be a part of this, be it as a parent, a volunteer, a teacher, a technologist, or student, sign up here. 

The team



Arun Vishwanath, PhD, MBA

CEO and Founder

Dr. Arun Vishwanath is a leading cybersecurity researcher who has pioneered solutions to the “people problem” of cybersecurity. He was among the first technologists to espouse the concept of cyber hygiene, promoting it in the media and contributing to peer-reviewed research. Dr. Vishwanath has presented his work at prestigious venues including the US Senate, Johns Hopkins, West Point, Blackhat, and others. His extensive experience includes research and faculty associate roles at Harvard University. He is a frequent commentator on cybersecurity for news outlets such as CNN, the Washington Post, and Wired. His latest book, "The Weakest Link: How To Diagnose, Detect, And Defend Users From Phishing," was published by MIT Press.  

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